The Beginning

Federico Lopez

More than 100 years ago, the road which lead to the creation of Valley Beauty Supply began when barber, Federico Lopez, left Matamoros, Mexico to open a barber shop in Harlingen, Texas. At the time, barber supply vendors came to Harlingen by train every six months to supply the local barbers with professional tools and supplies. However, most barbers did not have the money to purchase supplies for that length of time. In the early 1920's, Federico was approached by two vendors who offered him a substantial discount if he would stock their merchandise to sell to other barbers in the area between their semiannual visits. In 1922, Federico closed his barber shop and opened Valley Barber Supply. Federico, along with his wife - Petra, began to run the new business. Federico would call on barbers throughout the Rio Grande Valley, while Petra kept maintained the store. 

Business and Family Growth

Federico and Petra Lopez had 4 children, including Federico Lopez Jr., who joined the business in 1936. Federico Jr. began selling barber and beauty supplies from his truck outside the Valley from Laredo to San Antonio. Federico Jr. met Concepion Garza, a beautician from San Manuel, Texas - they were married in 1939 and had four sons: Fred III, James, Joe, and Albert. While Federico Jr. continued in sales outside of the Valley, the four boys helped by bottling the private label hair oils and tonics known as Valley Flowers. In 1965, Federico Jr. took over the business from his father, and with the help of his sons: Fred III, Joe, and Albert, they continued to expand the sales of the company. Meanwhile, Federico Jr's second son, James Lopez, began working as a hair stylist at his uncle's salon, Frank Joseph's, during the 1960s and 70's. In 1977, James later opened his own salon - Xavier's.

Next Generation of Lopez's

The Monitor, April 1997: The Lopez family members include 5-year-old Matthew Lee and, from left Joesph Lopez Jr., Federico Lopez Jr., Concepcion Lopez, Fred III, Terri Lopez Lee, James Lopez Jr. and Joesph Lopez.

With the second and third generation of Lopez's, the business continued to grow in sales into the 1970's. In 1978, the first family member of the 4th generation started working with the business - James Lopez Jr., and in 1992 he was joined by his sister - Terri Lopez Lee. James Jr. has filled the role of purchasing for the business, while Terri took on sales throughout the Valley. With the next generation of Lopez's at the helm, Federico Jr. retired in 1999 and turned control of the business to his two son's - Federico III (Fred). For the next two decades, Fred oversaw the business with the help from Joe, James Jr., and Terri. With an evolving industry, a new generation of barbers and cosmetologists emerging, and growing competition, Valley Beauty Supply remained in business, continuing to serve the beauty industry.

Current Ownership

Co-Owners and Siblings: James Lopez Jr. and Terri Lopez Lee

In 2021, Owner, Federico Lopez III passed away; leaving behind a legacy that goes beyond everything he contributed to the business. Together, siblings James Jr. and Terri run the still family owned business as Co-owners, continuing to build on the legacy their Great Grandfather started 99 years ago.

Celebrating 100 Years and 5 Generations

Matthew and Terri Lee

Anthony and Joe Lopez

2022 was a milestone year for Valley Beauty Supply, as it offically marked our 100th year in business. Continuing the legacy of the business also included the addition of 5th generation family members: Matthew Lee, son of Terri Lopez Lee, and Anthony Lopez, grandson of Joe Lopez.